International Monetary Fund’s Managing Director Christine Lagarde visits the Stephane Koerwyn Art exhibit Exhibition at IMF Headquarters during the 2019 IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings  in Washington, DC.

French Contemporary Artist

After 20 years’ experience in senior marketing positions at multinational corporations,Stephane Koerwyn re-examined his purpose in life and  sought to reconnect with making art.

He decided to try something totally different, and enrolled in painting classes at les Beaux Arts of Paris and the Louvre museum school.

He is now a versatile artist, being both a painter and a sculptor.

His paintings present as ephemeral expressions in an abstract style which reach beyond the realm of the material.His works question the notion of image, its effects and its evocative power.

He draws his inspiration from deep within, translated into color, each piece a unique achievement, a journey into the imagination.Yet in the very elaboration of his art, a creation is born and takes on meaning. Delving into the structure of matter, as the origin of all things, spontaneity of impulse are key to his work.

The creative process involves gestural repetition that is either superimposed or juxtaposed. These are frequently similar but can also be involuntarily different. The pictorial strata record the variety of gestures, the materiality of the painting, the tools, the canvas. The piece of art thus becomes the domain of the unexpected. He aims to stimulate the senses of his audience, inviting a reflective exchange. This encourages the viewer to shift their visual perspective to communicate with these paintings. They do not deliver a single still image, but call for mindful attention, encouraging the viewer to show curiosity for detail and the play of light.

In 2019, he will be exhibiting at the International Monetary Fund in Washington DC.

Besides, the french artist regurlarly organizes intuitive painting workshops :

He dedicated one workshop to charity, there he used  intuitive painting techniques in children’s hospital to share his passion and allow everyone to express emotion as part of the healing process. Another workshop was dedicated to companies who want to improve team building or organize creativity workshops and to promote thinking “outside of the box”.