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French Contemporary ARTist


Born in Nîmes (south of France), raised in Lyon.Lives in Paris.

Stephane Koerwyn is a corporate executive turned artist. After 15 years’ experience in senior marketing positions at multinational corporations, he decided to embark on a new career by deciding  to  make  the  most of his new-found freedom by becoming  an artist  and living his life to the fullest.

A great admirer of Pierre Soulages and Gerhard Richter, Stephane has developed a fierce drive to create and give expression to his emotions with abandon.He is now offering innovative exhibitions with the aim of sharing his work with others. The main purpose of his creations is to summon emotion in the viewer; with honesty, passion and abandon.

Working for the world’s largest beverage company inspired him to work with aluminum as his canvas.

His specialization is painting on aluminum, as a canvas.

Stephane uses aluminum which he appreciates for its modernity and timelessness. There are no barriers and no filters between his emotions and the aluminum canvas.

The metal’s durability contrasts with the fleeting quality of the feelings expressed upon it. Aluminum acts as mirror on the viewer’s emotions, allowing light to reflect through the various forms and three-dimensional relief work.

Painting on aluminum is a genuinely subtle art form that is fresh and new with each work, as it harmonizes with the various materials used including acrylic, oil and diamond powder. These materials are applied using unusual painting tools creating a new sense of movement and novel forms. Much of his work is an invitation to delve deeply, to discover a deeper path to the heart.

In addition to his wall painting collection, taking inspiration from the renowned fashion designers Jeanne Lanvin and Jean-Paul Gaultier, Stephane Koerwyn has become his own fashion designer with a twist:

He specializes in a unique form of dressmaking from aluminum metal sheets

This is life’s ambivalence and duality as expressed through art. Various dualities are unified such as soft womanly presence and metal’s rigidity… or vice versa. Likewise, the metal’s durability and the fleeting emotion expressed upon it…

Stephane used to think out of the box, he is now thinking out the frame by designing dresses which are giving life to his paintings. When a model wears one of these dresses on the cat walk, his work comes truly alive pushing back the traditional boundaries of art.

Stephane has participated in multiple exhibitions over the past few years with shows in Paris, Brussels, London, New-York, Washington DC, Shanghai. As of late 2017, fashion shows are ongoing (in Washington DC and Singapore amongst others).

He regularly organizes intuitive painting workshop:

  • one dedicated to companies who want to improve team building or organize creativity workshops and to promote thinking “outside of the box”.
  • charity workshops using intuitive painting techniques in children’s hospitals to share his passion and allow everyone to express emotion as part of the healing process.
  • a workshop tailored to your aims and wishes…




798 Gallery  – Beijing   from 10/15 to 10/31

Sofitel – Washington DC  from 09/04 to 09/30

French Embassy – Washington DC  from 05/01 to 05/04

Collet Gallery – Paris 16  from 05/11 to 05/25


VISUAL ART GALLERY – SINGAPORE  from 11/28 to 12/01


INNEART GALLERY – Shanghai  from 08/01 to 09/30 

2017 ART SHOW:

BASTILLE ART SHOW  – Paris   from 04/27 to 05/01 


  • FRENCH EMBASSY Washington DC -from 11/14 to 12/06
  • GALERIA East village New York -from 11/21 to 12/18
  • ST HONORE GALLERY  Paris 8 -from 08/29 to 09/13
  • COLLET FOUNDATION GALLERY – Paris 16 -from 01/20 to 02/10



  • SPACE IN ART GALLERY – Chelsea New-York- from 08/31 to 09/06 
  • 5TH BASE GALLERY – London – from 08/31 to 09/06 


2016 ART SHOW:

  • ART3F – Brussels from 09/23 to 09/25
  • SM’ART – from 05/12 to 05/16 – Aix en Provence.
  • BASTILLE ART SHOW (GMAC) – from 04/28 to 05/02 – Paris 11.



  • BDMC – Village Suisse – Paris 8.
  • ANDRE ZARRE – Brussels – Belgium.