Sixteen years of working for the world’s largest beverage company inspired Stéphane to work with aluminum as his canvas.

Stéphane uses aluminum which he appreciates for its modernity and versatility. There are no barriers and no filters between his expression and the aluminum canvas. The metal’s durability contrasts with the fleeting quality of the feelings expressed upon it. Aluminum acts as mirror on the viewer’s emotions, allowing light to reflect through the various forms and three-dimensional relief work.Novel canvas, colors and tools combine to push back the boundaries of contemporary art.Painting on aluminum is a genuinely subtle art form that is fresh and new with each work, as it harmonizes with the various materials used including acrylic, oil and diamond powder. These materials are applied using unusual painting tools creating a new sense of movement and novel forms. Much of his work is an invitation to delve deeply, to discover a deeper path to the heart.

FROM THE SKY (Aluminum / Acrylic / 100 X 50cm)

BLURRED (Aluminum / Acrylic / 100 X 50cm)

IMMERSION (Aluminum / Acrylic / 100 X 50cms)

INTENSITY (Aluminum / Acrylic / 100 X 50cm)

THE MAN WITH THE THOUSAND FACES  (Aluminum / Acrylic / 100 X 50cm)


NEW WORLD (Aluminum / Acrylic / 100 X 50cm)

BEYOND THE APPEARANCES (Aluminum / Acrylic / Diamond Powder 60X50cms)

HOPE (Aluminum / Acrylic /  60X50cms)


STRANGER (Aluminum – 60X50cms)

FUSION (Copper / Acrylic / 80X80cm)


MAGIC (Aluminum – 60X50cm)


FULL OF COLORS  (Aluminum – 100X60cms)