Stéphane Koerwyn used to think out of the box, he is now thinking out the frame.The french artist has taken painting on aluminum to another level.

He makes one of a kind dresses out of painted aluminum.The Stephane Koerwyn’s collection presents a tipping point between Art and Fashion.

Stephane transforms his painting into real sculpture, painted aluminum dress, in order to bring his art to life. He paints the metal sheets and fashions them into dresses, modern yet timeless.Each dress is a unique creation.

These three dimensional works allow the viewer to discover the smallest details of Stephane’s creations and explore the art from various unexpected perspectives.The dresses reflect life’s duality, contrasting the supple human form with the metal’s rigidity, or vice versa…The dresses also capture fleeting emotions expressed in the painting on a timeless metal.

These works of art involve the mixing of materials, aluminum, paint, fabrics and feathers.The intensity of the colors reveals an unparalleled luminosity while the vivacity of the forms and other materials allow Stephane to create beautiful sculpture to enjoy on or off a model.

                          Stephane K presents  » So uniK collection«                         



February 2018: Washington DC Fashion Week

April 2018: Singapore Ritz Carlton

May 2018: Storm Fashion Show San Francisco

September 2018: London Fashion week