Always pushing the barriers of the conventional art world, leaving behind any notion of framed artwork, this atypical and self-taught artist flies in the face of convention and lets his imagination run wild through these works sculptured in aluminum. This allows him to exhibit in places where we do not usually expect to see art, and touch those who are not primarily seeking it out.

So, if you do not make steps to meet art, S. Koerwyn’s art will come to you!

This unique new art form, called « Prêt ART Porter » allows him to bring his works of art alive by transforming paintings produced initially on aluminum sheeting into unique creations in the form of timeless, classic dresses. These sculptures symbolize the union of the two worlds of Art and Fashion, which plays on the dichotomy between the static piece of art and the mobile item of clothing. The painting is a sculpted form, the dress a painting clothed in color. A harmonizing the abstract and the functional manifests.